ALLBBWCAMS what happened?

When the site first launched a couple of  years ago, it was a huge success.  With an affiliate program paying out big $$ for traffic, and paying customers - making decent money was of no concern.  A little over a year ago, things took a turn for the worse and models were beginning to post about problems with payments not being received or checks bouncing.  Before long, the affiliate program would diminish and many found themselves with returned checks, negative bank balances and no answers from the company.  

The word spread quickly on the forums that ABC was experiencing turmoil and many were leaving the site due to an inability to amicably resolve the problems incurred.  Eventually, someone would OFFER to assist with getting everyone paid however only a few were able to say they were paid as promised.  Everyone wanted answers.

The rumor was that the company was sold, and the new owners were responsible for the issues ABC was experiencing.  The rumor turns out to be true.  A business deal that proved to be a big mistake, the previous owner had no choice.  Unfortunate for him, ABC has been run into the ground and many are left scarred with no intentions of ever returning to the site.  

Another rumor has surfaced leading to the possibility that the site will be sold once again, but this time to someone who will clean up the mess and redeem the name ABC once had both with it's models but also with it's customers.  There is also talk that the site will be revamped in true honor of the much needed changes.  Although this is pure speculation, I am hopeful that there is some truth to the rumor's of ABC's return.