The many faces of Kari

An interesting conversation began as I discussed my writing skills to a close friend. We discussed his admiration for all the hats I wear, and I am so much more than just a "porn star." While in the middle of the conversation, the idea to blog about the "Many faces of Kari" popped into my head and here we are.

First and foremost, the first face of Kari is the business woman. This person handles the back end of everything, negotiates deals and networks her ass off. She probably spends the majority of the time being forefront with the success of another popular face "Platinum Puzzy." Business Kari invests the most, with a work ethic that is superior to many in this business. She will stop at nothing to make sure that the job gets done some how.

Next is "Platinum Puzzy" the porn star. She is humble, caring and diverse. She prides herself on being a strong woman, and having tough skin to last in the adult business industry for as long as she has. She has taken on 7 years, and worked her way up. She has won awards, been featured on several sites and radio shows and yet, still the same down to earth person.

There is the "nerd" Kari. This side of Kari has major geek tendancies, with interests in techy stuff like video games, camera and computer equipment, video editing and various nerd topics. She has self taught pretty much everything she knows, which makes her quite nerd smart. An intellectual on many levels, she definitely represents higher education at it's finest.

Soulful Kari is a MAJOR music buff, with her heart in old school hip hop. Most people don't know this about her, but she is very well versed and knowledgeable about old school hip hop and music in general.

Artistic Kari draws, writes songs, short stories and poems. This side of Kari can be secluded at times and hard to reach but when she comes out, she makes sure she shines!

There is the hero, that wants to save everyone.

Kari the "teacher" who tries to educate everyone and teach what she has learned. Often for free, and more so it some how leads to some sort of drama. Which brings us to the next face of Kari.

The "villain" which I don't believe I am really a villain, but when you try to help others, so many try to push you to the point that you can't be nice anymore. So I become the "bitch" because I am hurt that you tried to use me, then mad that you are trying to make yourself out to be a victim and act as if I had ill intentions. Angry that I wasted time trying to help someone, and in most cases did FAR more for free than anyone should. This part of the faces is the one I dislike the most, because it's a result of being "too nice."

The softy in me, a huge heart and cares about people regardless if they care back. I genuinely care about the well being of these people I work with and let their feelings effect me.

The talker, self explanatory. Sometimes I wish she would shut the fuck up. Enough said.

The lover, who yearned for so long to find that one true love and finally found him last year. This part of Kari has emerged as of late with the meeting of her new beau who absolutely adores her and treats her like royalty. I was unsure this still existed, but has since shown that it is probably one of the strongest and most relevant faces of Kari.

The social networker, keeps the online personalities in order. This one has learned self control, leaving "drama" and unnecessary, dramatic comments off her pages to insure that no one is offended. This one knows that whatever may be going on in your life, doesn't need to be negatively displayed on a social network site.

And the closer, which will close this blog by saying.. .you are getting to know me little by little - it's closing time!