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rebel21: yeah, I'd definitely have to make sure I was hydrated with all the cumming I'd be doing around you, LOL
platinumpuzzycam1: are you hard now
rebel21: um, yes
rebel21: lol
platinumpuzzycam1: pull it out
rebel21: ok
platinumpuzzycam1: let me know when you have your cock in your hand
rebel21: done, cock in hand
platinumpuzzycam1: sit back
platinumpuzzycam1: think about our night together
platinumpuzzycam1: how it felt to touch me
platinumpuzzycam1: how soft my skin was
platinumpuzzycam1: how hard your cock was for me
rebel21: mmmmm
platinumpuzzycam1: and how it felt when I wrapped my hands around your throbbing manhood
platinumpuzzycam1: How it felt with every stroke
platinumpuzzycam1: the intensity you felt from having me talk dirty to you
rebel21: God yes
platinumpuzzycam1: my naked body
platinumpuzzycam1: what you were thinking about at the very moment you knew you were going to cum
rebel21: damn, why did I have to cum so soon?
platinumpuzzycam1: no, you don't do that
rebel21: lol
platinumpuzzycam1: you think... relax, enjoy and cum again
platinumpuzzycam1: stroke for me now
platinumpuzzycam1: listen to my voice in your head
platinumpuzzycam1: moaning
platinumpuzzycam1: think about my lips wrapped around your cock
platinumpuzzycam1: giving you a slow, sexy sloppy blowjob
platinumpuzzycam1: I can feel you throbbing inside my mouth
platinumpuzzycam1: you want to cum don't you?
rebel21: yes
platinumpuzzycam1: where?
platinumpuzzycam1: in my mouth?
platinumpuzzycam1: on my pretty face?
rebel21: in your mouth
platinumpuzzycam1: cum in my mouth
platinumpuzzycam1: I want to swallow your juices
platinumpuzzycam1: tell me when you are cumming
rebel21: god yes, almost
platinumpuzzycam1: stroke it for me!
platinumpuzzycam1: fuck my mouth MIKE!
rebel21: cumming!
platinumpuzzycam1: take one hand and grab my hair
platinumpuzzycam1: force that mouth on your cock!!
platinumpuzzycam1: Yessssssssssssssss!
rebel21: yes, so good
platinumpuzzycam1: :)
rebel21: just what I needed,