Having my heart broken

So many of you are on my facebook page, and saw I recently changed my status from being in a relationship to single.  I understand, you are grenuinely curious.  Basically, he can't handle what I do.  He was jealous of everything from the fans to other talent to even my traveling.  I had to let him go.   We are still friends, and I still love him but essentially I chose my business over dealing with jealousy.  So here are some of the questions many of you asked and my answers.

Q:  Do you think you guys will get back together?
A:  I don't know, possibly.  If he can learn to accept this as my occupation and my business I would consider it.

Q:  Are you shooting boy girl porn again?
A:  Actually, I have considered it but have yet to shoot a scene.

Q:  Are you doing content trade with up and coming male talent?
A:  My choice to return to boy girl is a selective one... so it's POSSIBLE but not guaranteed.

Q:  Are you escorting?
A:  Maybe lol

Q:  What kind of guy do you like?
A:  I like a secure man, successful and confident.  Romantic... not sappy but someone who knows how to make a woman feel good.

Q:  Did you move to Las Vegas permanently?
A;  Nothing is ever permanent, but I am here for now!

Q:  What happened to your radio show?
A:  I have gotten so overwhelmed with so many other projects that I just haven't had time to get back on the radio.

That's it for now... if you have any other questions please feel free to email me platinumpuzzy@gmail.com