CAUTION: Read at your own risk - 'In your face"

So I am going to let loose on this one... and I sure I will get some flack for it but I am TIRED of being politically correct all the time and not fully expressing myself.  So here goes nothing.

I have avoided mentioning several situations... for various reasons.  Today I am letting it all out starting with the latest events that have initiated between myself and another self proclaimed to fame SSBBW that is local "promoter" here in Las Vegas.  I am not really sure how we got to this point, well maybe I do know... she's manipulative, conniving and a bold faced liar among a long list of other colorful adjectives that accurately describe her and her business practices (in this case lack there of.)  Aside from the fact that she is beyond unprofessional, her tactics and overall approach are just ridiculously and obviously shady.  We first talked back in December when I visited on official BBWFanFest business, where we engaged in a colorful conversation which exposed her for being quite a character.  I could tell early on this was someone I didn't want to be associated with.  You know, the kind of person that fishes for information and runs straight to that person to fish for "their side" and perpetuate drama.

I discontinued communication with her as best I could without being rude or nasty, since I was attempting to maintain some professionalism due to my association with BBWFanFest.  While visiting, I had closed a deal with a local BBW Club to host some of the events of the show at their venue and make them a sponsor to our parties.  When we grew closer to the show, we found out that she had begun preparation for her own Kick Off Party at a separate venue and with intent to charge a cover at the door.  Much to my surprise she didn't obtain proper permission before using the BBWFanfest name and immediately I requested the removal of our show in any of her promotional items.  I was NOT OK with a cover charge.  I was floored by her efforts to start recruiting for her party, starting with the models listed on the BBWFF site and those discussing attending on twitter and facebook.  She was definitely taking things to an all new low.

I, nor anyone at BBWFanFest had a problem with a competitive party going on at the same time, however the issues we had were involving the stories surrounding the reason she was having her party separate to ours, and tactics being used to recruit models that were false and misleading.

Let me be clear in saying that her false allegations are fabricated with intent to make people feel sorry for her, and so that she can play a victim.  Don't believe the hype.  I personally don't care how her party went, or any of her events for that matter.  Karma is the best form of flattery and when you put your mind to the right things and stay positive you sometimes surprise even yourself.  God don't like ugly... and although many believed that I was capable and guilty of the things she claimed, it's real unfortunate and EVIDENT that most if not all of what she said are lies.  Look at the overall great time people had at BBWFanFest and the hard work that ultimately paid off.  Actions speak louder than words, and trust me when I say that we did a fabulous job for a first year show.

In closing of THIS situation, my message to this person who I am sure will read this is this.  Our community has enough issues and even more so in our industry without people like you feeling the need to try to BULLY others and cry victim when people like me and Desiree refuse to back down.  You and I both know you aren't gangster, being as you had EVERY opportunity to show your muscles when you saw me and Desiree face to face.  I don't claim to be a gangster, but an intellectual business person who is striving to do better for myself and help others along the way which is reason I don't acknowledge your presence or speak to you when I see you.  In my world, physical confrontation is unnecessary and immature.  Quite frankly to be your age you are trying entirely too hard to be something you are obviously not.  I certainly suggest some personal reflection, and looking into what your own issues are before attempting to judge mine.  I don't claim to be perfect, but I certainly try to make choices that are flattering of the image I wish to display. Having said that, I too have some changes that need to be made and I am grown and mature enough to admit that.   Unless being a 40+ wanna be gangster is the image you have in mind, perhaps a new outlook on life could help you both professionally as well as personally.  Good luck with your future endeavors.

Onto some other relentless accusations and complete untruths.  It has come to my attention that there are others who have been making additional false claims simply because it is evident they couldn't support something positive for our industry and community.  This individual showed up to registration, nasty attitude and completely full of negative comments that would've pissed me off normally.. however considering the source I ignored it and went on to help others that had come to pay for the show and support our hard work.  This person has had MULTIPLE encounters with me... all of which she has NEVER spoken her mind face to face.  As a matter of fact, UNTIL BBWFanFest she had contacted me by phone and said things to my face that I know be complete lies and fraudulent compliments at best.  The things said behind my back were hurtful, racist and totally uncalled for and came from reliable sources who have nothing to gain from sharing such negative information.  I don't say anything because I am working towards a better image for BBW's in the industry... and want to be known for professionalism.  I do the best I can considering there is a true lack of leadership among my peers.  It seems that either the ladies of the industry get so full of themselves that they forget how to treat people or they are so miserable with themselves, their lives and their careers that trying to instill some positive energy is virtually impossible.  Whichever the case may be, it's time this shit stops.  I am fed up with having to be the bigger person, only to get torn down later and accused of things that couldn't be further from the truth.  I am not retaliating simply expressing myself and my side of things that have recently transpired.

The truth lies in actions.  Here is the oath I make right here and right now:

 I will NEVER stop reaching for the top and striving to do better.
I will NEVER let what you say or do ultimately effect my decision to continue to help others.
I will give my all and everything to acheiving my goals, and reaching for my dreams.

Ladies, there is more out there than meets the eye.  Stop living in a cesspool of negative debauchery and do something worth being recognized for.  Stop complaining and start complimenting.  LIFE IS TOO FUCKING SHORT!  I could go on to share more stories, but I think I have let enough off my chest and said what I need to say.  Don't believe what you hear but believe what you see.

DREAMS DO COME TRUE!  Mine did with BBWFanFest and it's ONLY getting bigger!


yeah! good for you! we in the bbw community have enough on our plates (no pun intended). no time for drama or negativity. surround yourself with positive people and let the others go, which is exactly what you are doing - kudos to you on that...karma will always be a bigger bitch than we could ever be :-)

love ya,
Troy0720 said…
You are too lovely to be stressed by bullshit. Keep your head high P.P.
Anonymous said…
Very well worded and I have to say that in meeting you and working with you, YOU are definitely eloquent with your words. Sometimes you just have to get your side/say out and you are entitled to it.

Keep being you!