Tour updates!

Drive from Tampa to Orlando

Desiree and I left Tampa after a nasty storm hitting the FL turnpike.  We stopped at a rest area to get smoothies and tinkle.  Made it to Orlando late afternoon starving and ready to eat!  We hit up Sonny's BBQ which is one of Desiree's favorite east coast restaurant.  From there we hit up Wal-Mart where we were greeted with a diaper on the buggy and a huge rack of plus size swim suits on clearance.  Cha-Ching $ - score!   

Next morning, Lovely Sillk met up with us at the pool to film some underwater clips and chillax in the beautiful weather.  Had a blast hanging out with her and got some awesome footage.  Later that night, Jenna Divyne met up with us to go to dinner at Miller's Ale House where we got some divine eats and a couple of drinks.  Always good times with her!  We only stayed a couple of days and then headed to Jacksonville, FL.  


We arrived at Hilton Garden Inn where the beds were HELLA uncomfortable and Desiree broke hers.  The pool was not so great but Ms Mimi Melons and Nay Nay met up with us to chill in the hot tub and have jello shots.   Later we went to a dinner at Nay Nay's house, GREAT food and good company.  We met up with Mimi Melons, dropped off my car and packed up her truck to head to Atlanta, GA.

Jacksonville Beach FLORIDA

A 5 hour drive late night, we arrived at the hotel rather late but was greeted by a hot little guy who was so sweet to let us invade the hot tub even though it was 3am and well after hours.  It quickly occurred to us that late night hot tub parties were definitely in our future.  I can surely report those were a ton of fun.  (Some photos below) Our friend came and visited us for one of our parties, and gave us naked "Body massages" which were amazing.  

Mimi Melons, Desiree Devine and I get cupcakes from Gigi's Cupcakes and found ourselves on an endless search for food.  We did end up at THE BEST IHOP EVER!  The food was fabulous and the service was the same.  College Park didn't scare us lol but had the best IHOP food ever. 

Atlanta GA


We stopped in Raleigh NC but nothing to report but on to Norfolk, VA.  We drove to VA... where we stumbled upon a really good Mexican restaurant.  We ate until we couldn't eat anymore and then headed to our ocean front suite.  Moments after we got back we were in our swim suits and running on the beach, washing the sand off in the pool and back to our cozy suite.

As you can see from the photo, Desiree and I went to Wal-Mart to get some items that we needed and she found her tits aka melons in the bin when you walk in.  Couldn't resist the photo opportunity.  It was definitely an experience considering the kids in there were hella rude, and the nail place over-charged for a wack ass job on my nails... causing her to go into beast mode and nearly cuss out the entire shop staff.  From there we ventured into another shop, getting superb pedicure service and a much friendlier atmosphere.  

We wrapped up our trip with massages in our room, and then took off to the lovely Washington DC.


We arrived early afternoon to a beautiful, huge home to welcoming arms and cheery faces.  It was nice to be out of a hotel setting and in a real home.  The company was even better meeting up with XRatedWife.  She was very accommodating and an absolute charm to be around.  We visited a restaurant called Steak & Eggs in NW DC, the food was phenomenal.  Try it sometime if you are ever in the area!

At some point, I mentioned deep frying Nutter Butter cookies and our special on site cook decided to make some as well as mint oreo cookies.  DELICIOUS!  Desiree made me a bath where the bubbles nearly reached the roof.  Talk about BUBBLES!  And lastly, we went to Silver Diner where we encountered THE BEST waitress EVER Bev, who did the Michael Jackson dance, and was by far the most entertaining service provider in the world.  Off to NJ we go... more to follow soon!
Washington D.C.