Dreaming of a passionate night I'll never forget

I spend a lot of time working on adult websites, updating, shooting and editing videos.  Lately, I've caught myself masturbating to videos I've shot.  What I've also noticed, is that I LOVE the part where the guy is about to cum!  Oh yea.... gets my clit throbbing to the point I nearly cum right there with him almost immediately!

I've really been having these recurring dreams about a night with the recent ex.  We had AMAZING sex!  I imagine that we meet up to discuss our relationship and can't find the words to express our feelings.  He grabs my face, kisses me passionately and we begin to rip each other's clothes off.  He kisses every inch of my body, caressing me and playing with me gently, but enough to get me so turned on my nipples are harder than rocks!

There is soft music in the background, Tank "Sex Music" would be perfect to interlude into what's about to be a solid 20 minutes of hardcore pounding and pure sexual pleasure.  The intense look in his eyes, the confidence, the dominance, and the aggressive nature in which he fucks me is incomparable.  The way my pussy reacts with constant squirts of pussy juice is like no other.  I LOVE fucking him!  And I could go over and over and over.

I have said for many years that I will NEVER submit to NO one, but I do submit to him.  It's very much a turn on to turn over control to such a man that pleases me beyond words.  I'm turned on now just thinking about it.  I think some Hitachi time is much needed.