Fantasy Fulfilled - a couple's amazing experience

Never in a million years did I think that I would be working at a sex club.  Well, I didn't think I would be a porn star either but here I am.  As of late, Desiree Devine and I have been volunteering as "Hospitality Hostesses" where we walk around with condoms, lube, pleasure packs, cold waters, energy drinks.  So far it has been well received and a lot of work, but a positive experience for the club.

Friday night, Desiree and I are walking around and things are going well.  Not as much action as the weekend before but it's buzzing around.  I am approached by a couple who happen to be friends of mine and they ask me about having sex with the boyfriend.  He is hella sexy, hot and I will admit that I have thought about it a time or two.  So I said I would think about it... and we teased for a while.

Finally, it got later in the night and I'd pretty much finished my "shift" when all of a sudden she says "FUCK MY BOYFRIEND!"  I was totally caught off guard... but excited by it at the same time!

He grabbed my hand, and pulled me to the couples room where we looked at each other and began kissing. His dick was already hard... I couldn't wait to get that big 9" inside me, although he threw me back and started licking my pussy.  Legs in the air, and my clit was throbbing, surprisingly good!  I then pushed him off of me and began sucking his dick.  He was moaning and couldn't wait to jab me with his hard cock!

He pulled out of my mouth and put his condom on, and slowly inserted himself into my tight pussy.  It felt amazing.  He started slowly increasing the thrust, and before you know it he was pounding my pussy!  He loved it... so much that he came and kept going!  He felt me squirting and gushing all over his dick and loved that his girlfriend was watching.  She started playing with herself and then found a cute guy to play with.

It lasted about 30 minutes and I knew it was about time for me to go... but it was so good and he agreed to shoot with me!  Later that night, the girlfriend texted me and thanked me for making their fantasy come true and great!

Oh what a way to end a great Friday night in Las Vegas!


Brandon Scott said…
What a lucky couple. Makes me want to take me and my woman to Vegas now;)