Cal Exotics Sexperts TOY REVIEW - Body & Soul CHERISH

Body & Soul CHERISH

I must say I wasn't impressed when I got the package for this new review.  I thought to myself, really?  This is a small box, what could possibly be in here that will satisfy my big appetite.  But, I opened it and sat it down for a few days before playing with it.   MY MISTAKE!

Finally, a few days passed and I got tired of looking at the box and knew that I had to get on it and complete the testing phase of my review.  I opened it up and pull it out.  It was small, pink and cute but still small and that should've been a GOOD thing but somehow I've become a size queen slut.  I read the directions for the batteries, grabbed 2 AAA's placed them inside and immediately checked the vibration as I always do on every toy.  

OOOOMMMMGGGG!  Wow, this little thing has POWER and this was on just the first setting!  I hit the button again and find out there is a higher power x 2!  3 fabulous settings with an intense vibration that excited me beyond imagination.  Now I can't wait to insert this bad boy into my now juicy and wet vagina to see what kind of effect my pretty little flower will have on this visually deceiving novelty.  

I place it inside, get comfortable and lay back on my bed and hit the button to experience the first, very high powered setting.  Instantly I am moaning and truly loving it!  It easily glided inside and was small so easy to navigate inside when trying to find my "happy" place.  Quickly, I locate my spot and hit the button to increase the speed to option 2 and before I knew it I could feel my legs starting to shake and my flower was clinching the vibe tight!  I literally came within 2 minutes of entering the "Cherish" into my special place!

Not that it is hard to get me off, but sometimes it is rather difficult to reach my explosive point of no return.  This is by far the BEST toy I have ever had the pleasure of reviewing and I am ultimately thrilled to add this to my collection of pleasure items.

Packaging   4 out of 5
Vibration    5 out of 5
Quality       5 out of 5
Visual        5 out of 5
Cost          5 out of 5

Would I recommend this toy to readers?  Yes.

Will I use this toy personally?  ALL THE TIME my new #1 

Average cost of toy:  $17.99 (MSRP)

Toy features: 

Bulk Weight: 2(oz) / 0.06(kg)
4.75” x 1”/12 cm x 2.5 cm
2 AAA batteries

Silky smooth, Satin Finish™, perfectly curved massager 3 intense speeds of vibration Easy push button control Whisper quiet ABS with PU Cote (massager) Silicone (button) ABS with Silver Plating (d├ęcor ring) Requires 2 AAA Batteries