Freaky 4some!

It sounds like something from an erotic novel and definitely one of the stories that start with "you're not going to believe this when I tell you...." But it did.  

We met while I was at the Exxxotica Atlantic City show and signing for booth.  I was dressed in my "Queen of Hearts" costume and Minnie Mouse ears Karla Lane had given to me.  This couple walked up and immediately I noticed this beautiful woman staring at me with a huge, confident smile.  She was dressed in a classy outfit that accentuated her curves very well.  I felt her energy across the table and felt overwhelmed with her raidiance! 

She stood next to her husband, who turned out to be a huge fan.  I have to admit, they were a very hot African American couple and the thoughts of being the creamy middle ran through my head.  We began conversing and immediately the physical attraction turned to a mental stimulation with their intelligent conversation and overall demeanor.  It was refreshing to be met with such elegance and sexiness!

Our conversation was great...  and lead to us exchanging numbers.

Later that night, I received a text being invited to Saints & Sinners which is a swingers club in Atlantic City.  Unfortunately, I was unable to meet with them being I was not feeling well.  I thought that would be the end of our opportunity.  I was wrong.

I found out that we would be driving through Philly which wasn't far from where they are located so I texted them to let them know we were coming.  We agreed to meet for dinner.

It was as a rainy day. off to a late start and with some other issues coming up I wasn't sure we were going to make dinner at 7pm.  But we did.

Dinner was AMAZING.  The food at Grand Luxe Cafe in Cherry Hill NJ was excellent and we talked for hours, literally.  Laughing, sharing, exploring, and getting to know each other, the vibe was definitely a good one.  We shut the place down as 11pm (closing time) drew near and they were kicking us out to close.

The great thing about this couple is their TRUE love for each other and insane attraction even after being together for 15+ years and married for 10.  They displayed a love and marriage I've always dreamed of and it was refreshing to see this face to face.

During our conversations, I had mentioned how disappointed I was that I couldn't go with them to Saints & Sinners and how much the 2 of them turned me on.  I considered getting a room so that we could play and just spend the night in Philly but quickly realized it wasn't a good idea financially.  So we said our good byes, got in our cars and they drove off.  We stayed in the parking lot for a few minutes to give me time to change out of my dinner clothes and back into my travel clothes.

They came back and said "Follow us..." Much to my surprise, we end up at their home and we were invited to stay the night!  We were delighted to not have to drive in the awful weather and late night hour so we gladly accepted the offer and joined them.

We continued the conversation a while longer before clothes started coming off.  Wifey decided to get "comfortable" by putting on her sexy outfit and teasing us with her beautiful body!  I decided to tear off my shirt and it just went from there.

We followed them into their bedroom, and they said they were putting on a show for us, allowing us to watch them in the bedroom.  He kissed her, looked at her and made love to her in a way that showed how much he really enjoys pleasing her.  And she reciprocated the same body language.   I played with myself in extreme excitement and completely turned on!

Soon, they would come grab us to join and wifey was VERY much into me so she and I started interacting together.  I have NEVER been touched by anyone the way she glided her fingers across my skin.  The way she kissed me, and made me feel so comfortable and desirable was like I've never experienced before.  Her oral skills we superb, with attention on my gratification and pleasure.

Intellectually, mentally, and spiritually we were intertwined and it felt amazing.