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Super Fatty Girl Wrestling
Starring:  Jezebel Jolie as Super Fatty
Platinum Puzzy as Gordita Granda
Sienna Hills as The Ring Girl/Announcer

Gordita Grande and Super Fatty meet up in a wrestling match to determine who the SUPER SIZED winner is! Judged and announced by Big Tit Babe Sienna Hills, Jezebel Jolie (Super Fatty) takes on the extremely mouthy and bouncy Gordita Grande played by Platinum Puzzy. They toss, scissor, face sit, chest sit, roll, crunch, mount, and muzzle each other in ROUND 1. Putting up a fight, they battle to be the winner of this ultimate FAT match! 

Sienna Hills, Jezebel Jolie and Platinum Puzzy are sitting around talking about shaving and other random conversation when we realize that there is a RANK smell coming from some where close. Eventually we realize its my feet or better yet my boots! We take them off and strangely begin to wiff the aroma confirming the smells. One by one, we smell each others shoes and boots... 

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