Sudden relocation? Why I moved across country to PA!

Since BBW FanFest, I have kept many of my affairs quite private aside from my outings and adventures I've shared via photos and videos.  There is a reason for that, as I refuse to share events that need no attention or additional airplay.  I am sure by reviewing my timeline you can see the missing elements and put 2 and 2 together.  Ultimately, I refrain from becoming that of which I chose to remove myself from.  

So as I continue my life in Vegas, even among the various changes, it had always been in the plan to come out east to PA to visit DestinyBBW.  Originally, the intention was to visit for 2 weeks and then return to Vegas.  In the meantime, Destiny moved into her new dream home and the ideas for business opp's were brewing.  We work very well together and share a similar work ethic which is something I value very much.  

I arrived on a beautiful day, warm and sunny. She had previously offered many times to come and stay with her, and work on projects together but I declined due to other obligations.  But once I arrived, and saw the aww inspiring view of the Pennsylvania countryside.  It occurred to me that I had a yearning for a quieter, peaceful life that took me away from the city and all of the hustle and bustle.  Her offer became more and more of a possibility.

Another aspect of Destiny that I truly enjoy, is her love for going out and doing things.  Whether an impromptu trip to the mall, a last minute trip to Atlantic City or a fall festival, she loves to go out and do things and experience life.  I thoroughly enjoy this about our friendship.  It wasn't long after arriving when we started attending some of the Halloween festivities and events.  The good times, country atmosphere and small community living were growing on me. 

We had been getting a lot of work done, and I was making far more money out here than in Vegas so I finally decided that this was the place for me to be.  I don't know that it's permanent, and at this point it really doesn't matter.  I know I am REALLY loving the small town living.  I don't know if I am going back to Vegas, and don't know if I won't.  I know that right now, I am exactly where I need and want to be.  

I look forward to visiting my east coast gents again... email me to schedule a future session.  Here is my calendar to see if I have already scheduled to visit your area.   >>  MY CALENDAR

By the way, I need bedroom furniture for my new room!  Help me out and buy me something from my Bedroom Wishlist!