Book me for valentines!

So I have done it in the past, and will be doing it again in the near future with the recent request of a submissive girlfriend who wants me to help "spice things up" for her and her boyfriend.  Intimate play, but more so a 3rd to liven up the bedroom!

It wasn't that long ago, when I received an email from a wife who asked me to "watch her and her husband have sex... while I masturbated."   It didn't make sense, until I met them and realized they were a VERY promenate couple who wanted their privacy to remain in tact, discretion was a must and swingers events and clubs just opened up the door for trouble.

Once we established what they wanted, and why... they made arrangements for me to fly to them (undisclosed location and identities will remain anonymous).  They made sure i was VERY well taken care of, paid for all of my costs and set me up to have a very beautiful and comfortable hotel room.  They arranged a car to pick me up from the airport, arrived to the hotel where they later met me.

I arrived to the hotel, the room was paid for, received my keys and opened the door to find a dozen pink roses and bouquet of beautiful flowers arranged and waitng.  The card read:

"Kari, we can't thank you enough for providing us this special opportunity to try something new and under our terms and requests.  You have been a pleasure to deal with, and we look forward to meeting you face to face here shortly.  You will find your evening attire in the closet.  Please shower, and head down to the spa where you will find your next few hours will be spent being pampered while we finish our business and meet you later.  Relax, enjoy and bask in the essence of our gratitude.  (The services are already paid for)

Much love,
Your Kinky Couple"

Refreshing to say the least, as it's usually me that does all the work and not many reward me in such a generous way.  I did as instructed, showered and headed to the spa where I received the best massage ever, a facial that put me to sleep and had me snoring, a cute hair style and very soft make up that had me looking quite elegant.

I went upstairs, got dressed in my outfit and shoes they left, the jewelry on the dresser and a matching clutch.  I took the elevator, nervous.  As I arrived to the front of the hotel, the same driver opened the door and inside the truck was my kinky couple.

First thoughts?  They were a good looking couple, and no where near as bad as I had imagined.  We had a quick drive to the restaurant, shared an appetizer and some amazing conversation and had dinner discussing everything from sports, to the kinkiest things we've ever done.  Much to my surprise, theirs were far more interesting than mine!

We finished dinner, got back in the truck and headed to their BEAUTIFUL home!  It was huge, like a mansion in the suburbs.  I got a tour from top to bottom and we sat in the living room for a while allowing our food time to digest and sipped on some more wine.  The wife was getting tipsy and starting playing with my baby boobs.  Next thing you know, my dress in unzipped, she's sucking his dick and he's eating my pussy.  O M G!  We have take off folks!

We all got undressed and headed to the bedroom where they had a HUGE canopy bed.  She started blowing him, he had me sit on his face and ate my pussy and it was one of the hottest oral experiences of my life!  I RARELY cum with oral but he licked me so good that I had a leg shaking!

The evening consisted of lots of oral, and eventually I was ready to get my pussy pounded!  I begged him to insert inside me as his cock was extremely gorgeous!  He slid it in slowly, making me BEG more!  And I eventually grabbed his hand and forced him all the way inside.  Oh how it felt so good balls deep in my pussy!  We fucked for a good while, until I came so many times that I had to rest... I watched him and his wife play and then it was time for showers.

We hung out for a while, and then I was brought back to my room where they slipped a mall gift card in my clutch to go shopping before I returned home the following day.  What an amazing experience!

When I got home, I had an email waiting that read:

"Dear Kari,
My wife and I can't express to you how much we enjoyed meeting you face to face.  Even more than the playtime, the conversation we had and laughs we shared were memorable and unforgettable.  You are beyond everything we expected and couldn't have invested in a better time without you.  We shared an amazing evening that checked off a kink on our bucket list, gave us an intense rush, and pleased us beyond our ultimate fantasy.  We are blessed to have had you in our presence and look forward to making this happen again!"

Now THIS is definitely one of my best times ever as well and not just because they totally spoiled me, but because they are sexy, funny and down to earth people.  Thank you B and K!

**Safe sex was practiced during this excursion**

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