Fantasy Dates... with me are unforgettable!

There was a time where I just escorted.  It was a typical date where we arranged the details, I showed up, handled my business and you got yours and I left.  Pretty short, sweet and to the point.  But one day, I got a request for something more intimate and less business like, and I LOVED it.

Now, although if you want a quick encounter with me I will still entertain it, I prefer to offer a "Wife Experience" where I spend an evening treating you like my king and leave you feeling like you got married for a day.  You want more details?  Well, you know they are coming!

He said he likes the feeling of being married without the responsibility.  I entertained the request and eventually found it to be quite genius.  It entailed coming over in the afternoon, finding a grocery list and a the money for food (as well as my compensation for the evening) and a letter that said "Don't be afraid to pamper yourself by buying yourself something sexy and getting your nails and feet done."

Wow, that's nice!  So I grab the list, and the cash and head out to fulfill my "wifey" obligations.  On the list was "pick up dry cleaning" so I did that first, got a mani/pedi and grabbed groceries.  He wanted me to make meatloaf and mashed potatoes since we'd chatted once before about how that's his favorite.  I commenced to dinner preparations and by time he got home dinner was done, the table was set and I was dressed in a very sexy dress with lingerie underneath.

He came over to me in the kitchen, gave me a huge kiss and said "OMG it smells amazing in here! Let's eat!"
So we sat down and enjoyed what he called "the best meatloaf EVER" and had some small talk.  Afterwards, I cleaned up the kitchen, like any wife would and joined him in the bathroom while he showered.  I was getting horny and began to play with myself on his chais he has in the area between the bathroom and the master bedroom.  I could see he was enjoying the view and hurried to clean up so he could partake in the fun!

>>The details of our intimate encounter have been left out as he's requested our personal moments be left ours to keep<<

I fell asleep in his arms and we woke up a couple of times during the night to have a couple more rounds.  The best was when he woke me up at 6am with a huge hard on (morning wood is my fave!) and totally made it ALL about me!  We officially woke up, showered and I cooked breakfast and left with a small kiss good bye and wished him a good day.

It's great to have someone you can trust to do this... it's not easy but he trusted me and knew that my intentions are genuine.  He LovED it so much that he is trying to monopolize my schedule with more dates like this and even have me travel with him on business trips.  The benefits of a relationship with out the responsibilities.  It doesn't get any better than this!

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