Cal Exotics Silicone Bendies™ - Ripple

3 AAA Batteries is all it takes to get this ready to go!  

Let me cover the business before I get down to the "bizness" of this one.  I can't STRESS how much I love the color, packaging and most of all the quality of their products.  Cal Exotics has definitely taken a true interest to providing RELIABLE long lasting novelties.  

I got it ready while my guy was trying out the Apollo, and in the midst of being completely turned on by him grabbed this and began playing with it.  I LOVE the bending ability!  Having it move around inside me and not be so firm was amazing!  

The vibration was good as well... which is something I find to be an issue with most toys since I've taken on a VERY powerful contender.  I really like this one!  Of course having my guy stimulating in front of me was a huge plus but the overall functionality of this product was very impressive.

I will definitely say this goes in my TOP 5 from all of the toys I have reviewed.   I would certainly label this A "MUST HAVE" for women!!

5 stars *****