I am FURIOUS! Being FAT isn't the worst thing that can happen to you!!

Somehow, while looking at BBW stripper videos.. I came across this chick.  So I took a few minutes to check her out. She's cute, plus sized and from what it sounded like she seemed "SIZE POSITIVE" - that was until I stumbled across this.


I understand being HONEST with yourself and others... but 190?   Complaining about having to lose 20lbs? How your life is so adversely effected by your poor eating habits and you can't hold a relationship?  Let me SHOW YOU the worst thing that could happen to you!! 

 You could be THIS kid, with NO hope for a future and fighting just to LIVE everyday!!  

You have lived to tell your story.  So shut the fuck up and stop whining about your 20lbs you gained.  

People have lost their entire lives, homes and everything they worked hard for in tragic weather conditions.  

Families lose loved ones. 

Kids are being BULLIED. 

So while you sit in your apartment paying your BILLS on the VERY 20lbs you gained, bragging about how good you have it because you don't have to be a hooker or stripper anymore think about that before you go looking for sympathy on your weight gain and how your life is ruined.  

I know... my approach is a aggressive but it really pisses me off when people who have capitalized on being "FAT" and "PLUS SIZED" then turn around and complain about it.  I am trying to calm myself down, and remember that not everyone can share in my confidence and ability to stay positive about their bodies.  

I am really trying to figure out how to turn this anger into something positive.  Ok, let me reach out to Trisha Payata and challenge her to open up a dialogue about my feelings.  She said "Before you judge her, try to love her" but how can I love you if you don't love yourself?   What message are you sending to the people watching your video who look up to you for support, positive enforcement and a guidance for learning how to love yourself no matter WHAT SIZE YOU ARE?  

So instead, I found someone who is TWICE your size and is able to do exactly that!  Trisha, meet Whitney Thore.  I say no more.  The challenge has been set forth, let's see if you take me up on it.  




Vixen Blu said…
I have been really hesitant to talk about my recent changes of diet on my Twitter for this very reason. I have always been on the lower end of the BBW spectrum. Over the summer-fall-winter months, I gained weight. However, its only the kind of weight gain that made me contemplate its source due to diabetes running in my family. Even with the weight gain, Im only 215. Given that I have so many BBW lovers, BBWs, and SSBBWs on my timeline, I hesitated to say much because I worry that it sends the wrong message or make people think Im shaming larger people by freaking out over going from 195 to 225.
Cindy Perry said…
Kari, I am 100+ pounds overweight. I never have capitalized on my size. I also don't feel pity for myself as many do. I love your blog and how you stated things. While it is not easy for me to lose weight I can and will I get off my ass, be active and eat healthy. I need to lose for health reasons. I have met you and many other BBW women that are beautiful and accepting of their size and others. I applaude you on your successes. Not only beautiful on the outside but on the inside. To me it is character not size that should determine someones worth
Listen, I'm 288, down from 320. It wasn't a choice, it happened from sickness. I've been teased as a child about being big, but as a grown woman, it's about the CONFIDENCE you have at any size. Not enough women (and men) have that. A change of 20 pounds for her might well be traumatic... for HER. Not something to cry on youtube about though.
Kari Anthony said…
@Vixen Blu - honey, whatever your struggle is it's still a struggle. That I am learning from this post. My intention wasn't to attack her, although it ended up that way. My intention was to point out that when you CAPITALIZE on being a POSITIVE PLUS SIZED person... make sure that you uphold that very image and not taint it with contradictions like this. It's sad, My heart goes out to her regardless of 20lbs or 200. Just maybe a bit confused how you go from 1 video showing off the items your "fans" bought you and bragging about your youtube income and then cry about 20 lbs.