Discrimination against LEGALIZED income from Porn?

It started last week with my GreenDot card being closed with nearly $500 remaining and transactions being declined.  I called customer service to be told by an AUTOMATED SYSTEM, not a live person, that my account was being shut down for reasons undisclosed and in order to access my money I would need to "agree to accept the terms of my account closure regardless of reason."

You can imagine the level of anger that grew inside when my card was blocked and money being withheld.  I took my money, and conveniently flipped these fuckers off.

What was the purpose of using their cards?  Well, quite honestly, I could get donations, payments and money from anyone around the U.S. without having to provide my personal information and for a fee of $4.95 for every $500.  Inexpensive way to receive and send money anonymously.  I will admit, it was very convenient.  Unfortunately, for reasons unbeknownst to me, they decided that my business was no longer wanted.

So I say good bye to GreenDot.  Fuck off!!

But there's more!  Shortly after the closure of my Greendot account, the news of Chase bank account holders being discriminated for being involved in the porn business and forced to close their accounts.

Luckily, there are companies that are attempting to offer a solution:

Rumors are that Wells Fargo is offering accounts for those being shut down by other banking institutions due to the clear discrimination to porn workers.  As a member of Wells Fargo bank, I would recommend their financial institution for banking services as I've been quite pleased with them and a member for 4 years.

.... more information here

Another possible solution:  Paxum Offers Solution for Porn Producers & Stars

I don't have Paxum so I can't speak on their services but wanted to share as many possible alternatives for those who may be in need.  

I understand that everyone may not agree with what we do, being in the adult entertainment industry but to CLOSE our bank accounts and deny us the ability to properly manage our money?  There are THOUSANDS of accounts that are being used for ILLEGAL purposes around the world.  Porn is LEGAL and the money generated in this industry employs roughly 12,000 people in just California alone.

In an economy where unemployment is rising and people are struggling to survive LEGALLY, doesn't it make sense to allow people the ability to make money in a legal business.  

The porn industry employs an excess of 12,000 people in California. In California alone the porn industry pays over $36 million in taxes every year."  *Information credit.

It's really sad when legitimate businesses that employ our community are being faced with financial institution shut downs and refusal of services.  What's next?  Shutting down testing services so that we are unable to get proper testing?  Oh wait, that's already happened as well.  But that is an entirely different blog.