Pipedream's Fetish Fantasy Series Plus Size Corset Strap-On

It goes without saying that finding a quality, fitting strap on can be quite difficult for the plus size woman.  I'd searched for so long in hopes to find something that would suffice my needs, and for so long I found myself disappointed with the products I'd found and purchased.  

I've been a fan of the Pipedreams products for years and decided to give this one a try.  The ULTIMATE strap on has arrived!!  Why?  Let me share my experience.  

It took a while to get the package delivered with my address changing and not having the proper forwarding information so just the receipt of the strap on built up quite the anticipation for this girl's toy collection.  When it finally arrived, I ripped the box open and couldn't wait to get the strap on ON me.  It looks like it might not fit, but I found it to be just the right amount of stretch in the material but not too much that the corset is baggy. 

I invited my girlfriend over and showed her my toy.  She fell in love with the size of the dildo and the way it looked on me!  It also came with Silicone MOIST product which I have also fallen in love with.  Another item I'd been in search of and again, found something that comes in the perfect bottle with a pump instead of squeeze top.

I put just a small drop of the lube on the strap on dildo, and it was more than enough to get the tip nice and lubricated.  My gf bent over ready to take the 7" and before you know it, I was inside and hearing the immediate moans of pleasure.  

After a little bit of adjusting on the leg straps, I found my perfect settings and position.  30 minutes of pure pleasure for my gf, she creamed all over the new toy over and over.  By the look of her face, I could clearly tell she liked this thing.  I definitely love making her feel good and seeing her satisfied.

5 stars for both the strap on AND the lube!