Saying good bye and removing toxic elements....

This past week has been very emotional for me.  Although I think I have held a pretty good game face, a lot of positive changes are being made in my life, in my business and ultimately for good.

It's hard to say good bye, but one of the girls of the house has decided to move onto other opportunities.  Living in the same environment of your business and job isn't easy, and takes it's toll.  I think it is for the best and wish nothing but well fortune for her.

I also stopped seeing the boy toy who wanted to call our fling a relationship, even though I knew all along what it really was.  Some people just don't know how to be honest with others and most importantly themselves.  We shared some good times, and although I am not inclined to bash him or turn this into a pointing blame game, I will say that it was surely his loss.

I originally intended to use this post to release some negative feelings and energy, but realized while I was writing that all I am doing is spreading that toxic garbage.  Part of growing up is that you are entitled to your feelings, however, it's irresponsible to infect others and totally unnecessary.

A lot of changes are being made in general.  Life is about learning, evolving and growing.  I have come a long way but also know I have a long way to go.  Everyday is a struggle to be a better person than the day before.  Releasing the energy that impedes your growth is the best remedy to acquire good health.

In other news, I decided to give a stab at POF again.  What a nightmare!  I don't even know why I do it anymore...  but I do.  I had a dinner date with a guy the other night, he wanted to met at Cheesecake Factory which happened to be by the casino.  I remember seeing a sign that said "FREE BUFFET WITH NEW MEMBERSHIP" so I agreed to go.  I figured if he didn't show up we would just get a players card and get the free buffet.  He didn't show and we had a BLAST at the casino.

Everyday is an adventure and a brand new start. Cease your moments!