Don't believe the naysayers!

I've read a few blogs lately that talk about the adult industry and how BBW's are unable to make a living from the business.  Quite frankly, it's BULLSHIT.  Many of us do it, and live decent lives.  The truth is, they try to discourage you because it's easier for them to find an excuse for the failure of their own career OR they simply want to eliminate the competition.

Although getting rich is probably unlikely, or LESS likely I haven't worked a regular job since 2006 which nearly makes 10 years.  I used to escort but now I simply manage multiple online income revenue streams such as webcam performances, video clip sales, as well as a few other money generating endeavors.  I am going to give you the secret, you have to work hard like it's a job to make it work.

It is definitely not easy, that much I will surely say.  This industry is like any other where you have to put in the work and be willing to learn how to manage your finances, invest in yourself, and inevitably be available for opportunities.  Time management can be difficult when you work for yourself adult or non adult, so it's important to be mindful that everyday you should be doing something productive for your success and contribute to your business.

There are going to be slow days where you don't make money!  Accept that like with anything you do, there are good days and there are bad days.  Once you realize the balance, you can prepare for the bad days where you might invest the time but it just doesn't turn out the way you planned.  In situations like this, be prepared to multitask and go heavy on promotions, blog, film video clips or edit footage.  Whatever it is you do, make sure you keep yourself busy and productive.  

I wish I could understand the opinions of those who claim there is no money in this business which  is based off of their experiences, however, the part they refuse to admit is the part that matters the most.  Success is something you work for, not handed to you because you have the most twitter followers or facebook friends.  I have always said that when you treat it like a business you get paid like such, but if you work like it's a hobby you will make hobby money. 

I am not selling false realities, or broken dreams but hoping that my positive encouragement and contribution to the world will help those who read these other blogs and find themselves questioning their ability to survive in this industry.