Baltimore Riots in my backyard, literally

You can't imagine what it's like until you are up at 2am with the sounds of people yelling outside your bedroom window screaming to the looters in the stores that cops are coming.  There's about 20 people outside, clearly visible from the window looting the stores in the shopping center directly next to the house.

I can't go to sleep, my stomach is in knots and I am mentally exhausted from the fear that sits in my heart that they will turn and start burning the houses.  Every noise scares me, every sound sets me into a panic.  The choppers aren't even flying in the area anymore, and the cops stopped coming to check out the looting.  Clearly they feel they "secured" the area and most of the stores inventory is gone anyways.

The sound of the store alarm continues in the background and you hear cars screeching from out of the parking lot trying to avoid the police catching them.  As I look out the bathroom window, I see 4 trucks and cars pull up and people start jumping out running into the back of the stores for more merchandise.  The scene is like a movie, but the credits aren't rolling yet.

What you see on television is playing out before your very eyes.  Even when you close them, the sounds of the war outside remind you that you aren't dreaming and it's the reality of what is going on at this very moment.  All I want to do is pack up and get away.

Vegas is calling me.