Day 2 front door riots emerge

As many have you seen on the news and CNN, the Baltimore Riots have gotten completely out of control and if you are following my blog you read about my first night in the #WARZONE.  We are in the midst of the 2nd night of the neighborhood chaos and it seems to be quiet.  The curfew has been initiated and thus far people seem to be subdue.  There is definitely a presence of law enforcement and the National Guard.

The community is trashed, broken glass everywhere you go and burned businesses.  I shop at a local beauty supply store and have become familiar with the people that own the store. Hearing about them in the front of their store with weapons, ready to attack anyone who tries to loot their store is so sad.  The devastation that is left with the chaos that has unfolded is by far a life changing experience.

I have received an out poor of calls, emails, messages, texts, tweets and various communications asking if I am ok.  Physically, I am alive and well.  Mentally and emotionally, I am still processing the turmoil I witnessed from my bathroom window.  The images of the war zone, the faces of the looters and the lack of respect for our community will remain a constant reminder forever.  The sounds of the angry people, hearing the out rage and chaos that was only a few feet away from my door.

The photos you see were taken from the BBWCAMHOUSE windows, live as the events took place.  I can't even begin to describe how I feel right now or what is going through my mind as I process the experience and the things I've witnessed.  I've had people tell me "You don't know what it feels like to be targeted, profiled and racially attacked."  Quite the contrary... 

But that is neither here nor there.  Each day that passes, we hope that this madness will end and we can go back to our lives if that's even possible.  Feeling like you are a prisoner in your own home is where I am at now, afraid to go out there and take a look at what's left of this neighborhood.

Everything must go on.