Top 10 dating site pet peeves

10.  One word messages

You get ONCE chance to make a first impression.  HI, SEXY, WASSUP aren't going to get my attention.  They are just warning signs that getting to an intelligent conversation are either impossible or going to take about 30 messages of which I am uninterested in entertaining conversations that look like every other conversation.

You:  HI
Me:  Hi...
You:  How are you?
Me:  Fine
You:  That's good.
Me:   ....  you lost me already.  

9.  Abbreviating words like HRU, WYD

Spell the words out.  It's NOT that hard to just type HOW ARE YOU or WHAT ARE YOU DOING?

8.  Pictures of more than 1 person (you aren't sure who THEY are), photos of food, cars, dogs, money, watches, etc.

Who am I even talking to??  If I have to guess, I am not even interested.  Where's waldo pictures don't impress me.  As to posting photos of food and other shit, that's SO annoying.  That is NOT you.  I am NOT impressed by the car you drive, the wad of cash you got from cashing your pay check, or the food you ate and later shitted out.  No thanks.  Stick to photos of YOURSELF.

7.  Asking for MORE pictures.

I put photos on my profile for you to see who I am.  There are SEVERAL that I chose carefully for you to see who I am.  If you want entertainment with photos, you can get a membership to my website.

6.  Not having photos or having SUPER old photos or SCANNED photos (who does that anymore) or photos from the club in front of a background!

You want to see who I am and I want to see who I am talking to.  I don't even chat with people that don't have photos.  As to scans... come on we are in 2015 so there is no need to have scanned photos.  Photos from the club, that was so 90's lol let's live in the current times.

5.  20 questions like an interrogation or job interview

I know you want to get to know me but some things are either in my profile already or none of your business.  If I feel we have some sort of connection I will share certain things but asking me in depth personal questions are annoying.

4.   Asking me my bra size, or asking me how much I weigh

Self explanatory.

3.  Asking for OTHER social profiles like snapchat or kik!

No, I don't want to go from one site to another or an app.  End of story.

2.  Unfilled out profiles - don't be lazy!

If I can take the time to describe myself, I expect you to do the same.

1.  Calling me FAT when you get rejected!!

I was fat when you messaged me.  Nothing is attractive about a sore loser.

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