What I like about being a Boleyn Model

In the wake of payment processors and convenient payment companies such as Paxum shutting down US accounts, it's a great time to be a part of Boleyn Models.  I am VERY happy to not be affected by the closing of so many payment processors as Boleyn houses majority of those accounts, therefore I change my payment options (if need be) just once.

But there are MANY other reasons why being a part of this studio is beneficial to me and can be to you as well.

1.  The recent influx of payment processors closing down for US residents has created quite the issue for those who get paid via those particular services.  Having to contact 15-20 companies to change your payment information is a real pain in the ass.  If you don't even REMEMBER who all you signed up for as many of us frequent a few sites more than others but try to sign up for everything.

2.  Getting payments even on holidays through First Choice Pay has been a life saver on multiple occasions.  I can't tell you how convenient it is NOT to expect a payment but surprisingly get an email saying that your earnings from the prior day just paid directly to your card.  Daily pay with BM is SO worth the little percentage that is taken out.

3.  A network of information, resources and fellow cammodels that will help you get started and support you along the way.

4.  When you don't meet the minimum requirements for certain sites, you still get paid with daily pay.  They collect the smallest amounts of pay and collectively pay you a total amount each day from all the sites you generate sales through.  For instance, you may only make $7 on one site who's minimum is $50 and $15 on another who's minimum is $100 but they will take that $7 + $15 (minus the small % they deduct for their fees) and you get paid rather than waiting until you meet the threshold OR the dates that they usually pay.  So if you work for Streamate, they pay weekly but with Boleyn as long as you make accumulatively $20 from all the sites you have linked to Boleyn you get paid DAILY.

5.  Great customer service.  I have such a great experience with Boleyn and their generosity has been a MAJOR help in keeping me motivated in this business.  It's easy to get burned out and with many of the companies you work for, they have SO many models working for them that their ability to cater to you in a timely fashion is far and few between.  Not with Boleyn.  They are available via Skype to answer your questions and help you as best as they can even when they are supposed to be on vacation.  :)

6.  DISCRETE employment verification.  This comes in handy when banking, and when obtaining housing or financing.  Who WANTS to say "I am a sex worker?"  Not that you should be ashamed but it always leads to judgment OR questions and creepy invites of discomfort.  It's so much easier to just print a pay stub offline and not have 1,000 questions about what you do.

7.  Most importantly, ONE company has my personal and banking information.  With doxxing performers becoming a growing trend in our business, having your personal information floating around is quite dangerous.  Not to mention your banking information is ALSO readily available which is why being a part of a great studio protects your private details.

8.  Tax Filing - its made easy with 1 1099 that houses MOST of the sites you work for so instead of waiting on W-2's for several companies, you get 1 1099 that makes it SO simple.  It's also digital so you don't have to wait on mail to arrive!

9.  I have a daily goal of $100.  It can be REAL discouraging when you aren't getting big numbers on each site.  When you add up the LITTLE payments from all the sites on BM, it really reduces and eliminates the pressure of feeling like you didn't accomplish anything.  When you look at your daily total of $15 you might be like me and feel like you could've done better.  But when you check your BM dashboard and see $98 due, you realize that accumulatively you managed to hit your goal or real close.  So much easier to keep up with everything. 

I can surely say, the new system that manages all your payments has been a 99% improvement to being with Boleyn. 

Need I say more?